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An effective gym and fitness club management system

Sale of passes (continuation control) and subscriptions.

Schedule of class bookings.

Online registration and attendance list.

Report on club and class entries.

Gyms and fitness clubs

OOS Manager allows you to operate both a manned and unmanned gym. If you want to run an unmanned gym, we will provide an online customer area and a mobile app where your customer will purchase a pass or any defined time subscription. Integration with payment systems Przelewy24 or PayU offers secure and instant payment. Time-based subscriptions, where the customer plugs in the payment card once and the system processes the payment on a monthly basis, ensure regular cash inflow. Entry to the facility will be possible via a generated QR code in the online area or mobile application. We will supply the necessary gates and QR code readers, which can also open the entrance door.

If you run a service gym, our solution enables you to identify your customers with RFID cards printed with your logo. The sale of passes, tickets or items ends with the printing of a receipt or invoice. Payment terminals integrated into the system minimise handling time and the risk of error by the facility staff.
In both cases, you can easily define time or quantity passes and single tickets.



Sale of single tickets for the facility. Sale of quantity and/or time passes.
Sale of subscriptions/periodic contracts. The customer unloads the payment card the first time and in the second and subsequent months the system automatically takes further payments from the customer’s card.

Online calendar

OOS allows you to make your activity schedule available online to your customers. Even if you do not have a website for your sports facility, you can create and publish a fitness schedule online.

SMS notifications

SMS (eco/pro) notifications regarding expiring passes, classes, birthdays.

Attendance list

Easily check the list of people signed up for classes. Download entry tickets from customers’ passes with one button. It is also possible to automatically download entry tickets from passes via OOS Manager.


Reports on entries, validity of passes, customer activity, outstanding payments to subscriptions/contracts.

Access control

Integrate OOS with the entrance gates and automate access control to your facility. From now on, your facility can be open 24 hours a day.

Opinions of our customers

Jumpworld Wrocław |

OOS has improved and accelerated customer service and enabled full configuration of online bookings. Thanks to OOS we are managing Jumpworld better. I recommend cooperation with Ortosoft company as a supplier of software for trampoline park management. The comprehensive, flexible approach to the order resulted in complete satisfaction on our part

Open Mind Pilates Studio | www.openmindschool.plNatalia Figurska

We have been using OOS for over a year now and I can no longer imagine changing to another software. The search for a programme that would be tailored to the specific operation of our Pilates studio took months and it wasn't until we came across OOS that we achieved what we were looking for! The programme has been tailored directly to us, everything works without a problem and if we need help it is always provided extremely efficiently 😊 I highly recommend it!

Skarabeusz GymOwner

We are grateful for the support the OOS programme gives us every day. The professional help is invaluable. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a gym management solution - it's really worth it. The openness to help and flexibility is an added feature of the whole project.

Hopsa Park |

The system's implementation process, its functionality, its multi-modularity, as well as the constant updating and improvement of customer service all support a strong recommendation for cooperation with OOS. Having compared the service with the previous system, we can definitely recommend the products and cooperation with OOS. In addition, the constant contact with the support staff, the flexibility and the quick response are another plus. We definitely recommend!

Baza54 | www.baza54.plManager

The soft works without complaints, it has greatly improved the operation of our facility, customer service. If we have any problems or questions, we can always count on quick help and answers.

Nelon | www.nelon.plKarolina & Piotr - Owners

We would definitely recommend the OOS software. We were guided very well during the implementation, everything was up and running smoothly and quickly. And now it's working great. We feel secure in our customer service because we know that the system is practically infallible. We are glad that we chose this software.

Miejska DżunglaCo-owner

I recommend cooperation with Ortosoft company as a supplier of software for the management of exotic animal exhibitions. The comprehensive, flexible approach to the order resulted in complete satisfaction on our part.

StacyjkowoAgnieszka - Owner

We needed a programme that would allow us to effectively supervise and properly manage the playroom.
The intuitiveness and simplicity of the programme means that none of the staff have any problems with its operation. The programme runs flawlessly. A very important aspect for us is the technical support of the programme developers. Improvements have been made to the programme at our request during the development of the update. This is definitely the programme for playrooms!

RE-MIND Park JogiOwner

With OOS, we manage the yoga studio holistically. The features available have allowed us to introduce access cards to the club, sell passes and single admissions and keep things tidy when signing up for classes, thanks to the booking option.

Our projects for gyms and fitness clubs


For the existing network of manually operated gyms, we proposed a sales system and access control to automate and facilitate the work of gym managers.

Underdog Gym Nysa

For the existing gym, the owner needed a solution that would relieve the reception desks, extend the working hours of the facility without the need to hire additional staff. In addition to RFID cards, the requirements included opening the gym door with a QR code.

Package price list

199/ month
  • Sale of passes, tickets and articles
  • Customer identification by card or QR code
  • Checkout
  • Sales and other reports
  • SMS notifications
  • Warehouse management
  • Booking module
  • Number of locations: 1
  • Number of stations: 1
399/ month
  • Online registration
  • Online sales
  • Online activities shedule
  • Access for the owner from anywhere in the world
  • + All options from the basic package
499/ month
  • Gates control
  • + All options from the basic package
899/ month
  • Mobile app
  • Online registration
  • Online sales
  • Online activities shedule
  • Access for the owner from anywhere in the world
  • + All options from the basic package