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Playroom management system

Sale of articles, recipes and minute tickets.

Birthday reservations (including tentative).

Daily balance with clear cashier accounting.

Unattended communication with the kitchen.


When selling a ticket, the customer is given a card/watch, which in later stages is used to identify the customer and settle any surcharge. Depending on the size of the venue, there may be one or more customer service desks in the playroom (e.g. reception + bar). When an order is placed at the bar, staff add the cost of the purchased item to the bill using a card/watch. Final settlement of the sale takes place at the reception desk. Once the sale is completed, payment is made, e.g. in cash or by payment card, and a receipt or invoice is printed.

With our ESOK software, you can freely define articles, tickets, events and birthday packages.

Create, handle birthdays in the system using the package list, go through the advance process for bookings and, on the day of the event, open an account for the selected event and serve the customer.

A state-of-the-art customer service system streamlines the workflow of the playground.


Birthday booking schedule

A clear view of each week makes it easy to see what birthday dates are available. Pre-bookings made over the phone will be automatically deleted if there is no confirmation.

Birthday Packages

Define the birthday packages as well as the tickets and items that are included. When making a booking, together with the customer, select the items to be ordered. The programme will calculate the cost of the birthday party, collect the deposit and print out the birthday party contract.


Sell tickets, entrance cards, passes, products and additional services via our module.

Warehouse management

OOS can generate stock and inventory documents such as PZ, WZ, inter-warehouse transfers and stock adjustments.

Daily billing

Easily settle the cash balance at the end of the day. Run a cashier’s report, then a daily balance, which will recalculate itself whether the cash balance agrees or whether there are differences.

Communication with the kitchen

Run a kitchen station where all ordered dishes or desserts will be displayed with order times. For customers, run a TV where orders in preparation or ready for collection will be shown.

Opinions of our customers

StacyjkowoAgnieszka – Owner

We needed a programme that would allow us to effectively supervise and properly manage the playroom.
The intuitiveness and simplicity of the programme means that none of the staff have any problems with its operation. The programme runs flawlessly. A very important aspect for us is the technical support of the programme developers. Improvements have been made to the programme at our request during the development of the update. This is definitely the programme for playrooms!

Our projects for playrooms

Cosmo Planet

The client was opening a theme park in Germany. He needed a sales system including access control, computers and printers. In addition, the requirements included an online area where target customers could purchase tickets and check current occupancy at the facility.



The client was opening a new children’s playroom and was looking for a complete IT system that worked with the required equipment to effectively manage the facility.

Package price list

199/ month
  • Sale of articles and tickets
  • Birthday packages
  • Identification of customers with cards or watches
  • Checkout
  • Sales and other reports
  • SMS notifications
  • Warehouse management
  • Birthday bookings module
  • Number of locations: 1
  • Number of stations: 1
399/ month
  • Online registration
  • Online sales
  • Online bookings
  • Access for the owner from anywhere in the world
  • + All options from the basic package
499/ month
  • Gate control
  • + All options from the basic package
699/ month
  • Gate control
  • Online registration
  • Online sales
  • Online bookings
  • Access for the owner from anywhere in the world
  • + All options from the basic package