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OOS: Ninja track

Track ninja is an OOS Manager software module that allows you to increase customer engagement at your facility and introduce an element of competition between customers.

The results displayed along with the customer’s name encourage further attempts to beat the current best time.


When selling a ticket, the staff assigns the customer’s details to an ID so that the system can display information about the race participant.


The facility may have one or more parallel ninja tracks. Registration of the customer for a particular track takes place at the control panel. The customer, by applying the badge to the reader, informs the system who is going to run the ninja track.

The start of the race begins by pressing the start button. During the race, the current time and the name of the customer beating this ninja is displayed. The race ends when the stop button is pressed. When finished, the results of the race are displayed alternating with the best results for today and the last week.

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