Success story


See how OOS has helped customers who manage sports facilities streamline their business operations and improve the member experience

What problem did the client face and what solutions did they seek?

For the existing trampoline park, the client needed to install access control (gates), change the sales system, wanted registration to take place via the website, and customer data to automatically appear in the system.

The process of selecting and implementing OOS

Access control
After talking to the customer, we proposed a gate supplier. We helped with the installation and configuration of access control.
Online zone

We have adapted the online registration form to meet the client’s requirements, extended with additional registration options for an adult as well as a guardian with children.

Tablet – reader

We have installed a wall-mounted tablet on which the customers of the playroom can check the time of their stay at the facility.

What the satisfied customer says about OOS

Fly SkyOwner

"At our facility, the reception - point of sale is several metres away from the entrance to the park, so we needed devices that would allow only authorised people to enter the facility. An additional issue was that the toilet is located in front of the access control, so we required our customers to be able to enter and exit through the gates as many times as they wanted during their purchased play time.

After the first few months of operation, we noticed that customers were notoriously forgetting to hand in their RFID wristbands and we were unable to respond to this due to the nature of the building. We came to the conclusion that the best solution would be to use disposable barcode wristbands. The implementation and replacement of RFID readers with barcode readers solved our problem.

To increase the attractiveness of our park, we wanted time to be measured systemically on our ninja track and for the best results to appear immediately on the scoreboard. OOS Manager solved all our needs."