Success story


See how OOS has helped customers who manage sports facilities streamline their business operations and improve the member experience

What problem did the client face and what solutions did they seek?

For the existing network of manually operated gyms, we proposed a sales system and access control to automate and facilitate the work of gym managers.

The process of selecting and implementing OOS

Access control
After talking to the client, we knew that the system would simplify access to the facility and minimize the time needed for customer service. We proposed access control using QR codes.
Online zone

We have launched an online zone where the customer can choose the pass they are interested in, pay for it and generate a QR code with which they will enter the facility.

Mobile app

We have also launched an Android/iOS mobile application.

What the satisfied customer says about OOS

SFC24 – A network of self-service gymsOwner

"Before we launched the OOS sales system and access control, we had to handle each customer manually – handling payments, issuing a plastic card and granting access at each location separately. The number of tasks and customer service consumed a very large amount of time.

After the implementation of OOS, most customers do not generate work for us because the entire process from the purchase of the pass to the entrance to the facility is automatic. The time needed for the ongoing service of the club has been dramatically shortened.

From today's perspective, we wonder why we did not implement the OOS earlier, we saved a lot of time, which we can now use for other activities."