Success story


See how OOS has helped customers who manage sports facilities streamline their business operations and improve the member experience

What problem did the client face and what solutions did they seek?

The client was opening a new trampoline park and needed software that would facilitate the management of the facility’s operation in the elements of sales, access control and reporting.

In addition to the software, he wanted us to propose or deliver equipment that would be necessary in everyday work. Instead of paper registration of customers, he wanted registration to take place through the website and customer data to automatically appear in the system.

The process of selecting and implementing OOS

Gateways, printers, terminals

After talking to the client, we proposed a supplier of gateways, printers and payment terminals. We helped with the installation and configuration of all devices.

Registration form

We have adapted the on-line registration form so that it meets the client’s requirements and so that both an adult and a guardian with children can register.

Mobile app

We provided a mobile application so that the owner could access all information about the facility at any time and anywhere in the world. After launching sales, we adapted the software in several functionalities.

What the satisfied customer says about OOS


The software together with the gateways allows us to easily serve the customer. Two reception desks allow for quick ticket sales even during peak hours, and the use of gates, which open after placing a wristband on the reader, does not require additional work on the part of the staff to verify whether a person has purchased a ticket and can enter the facility.

An additional stand in the café's restaurant allows you to sell for cash or a card, but also for sales that will be settled at the exit of the facility. The support of touch screens is a big plus and speeds up customer service.