Success story

Rio Top Gym

See how OOS has helped customers who manage sports facilities streamline their business operations and improve the member experience

rio top gym

What problem did the client face and what solutions did they seek?

RIO Top Gym is a martial arts club and gym using the same infrastructure. In terms of business, they are two separate entities. Their club needed software that would enable the sale of memberships for each entity separately, distribute sales reports, and at the same time common gates would serve all customers.

The main requirement was that passing through the gate should enroll clients in the classes they enter and be only possible 30 minutes before the class.

In addition, RIO Top Gym needed a mobile app to be on site at any time and to launch recurring payments to optimise reception hours.

The process of selecting and implementing OOS

Identification of needs

After initial discussions with the client, we knew that we did not have a complete solution that would solve the client’s needs.

Readers and gates

In the first stage, we identified the readers, gates and reached their manufacturer, and then integrated them into our access control module.

Access control

We had to make several changes to the access control module so that the gates let customers in two different entities at the same time. The client had fiscal printers that were already integrated in our system.

Software installation

We completed this stage with the installation of software in the facility and training. It is worth noting that the installation and training took place only online.

Sales customization

In the next stages, at the client’s request, we adapted the pass sales report and prepared a sales report divided into customer groups. We provided a mobile application and a recurring payment system.

Individual approach

The entire implementation and adaptation of the ecosystem took several months, the client’s situation is not typical and there is no simple solution. To this end, we have used a very individual approach and adapted to the client’s needs.

What the satisfied customer says about OOS

Rio Top GymOwner

The OOS system has had a very positive impact on the functioning of the club. When we started our cooperation, we were convinced that it was impossible to adapt the program to our needs. The structure of the Rio Top Gym project is quite unusual, within one project we have two operating companies and two completely different ways of settling accounts with clients. We managed to organize the types of memberships and the ways of granting authorizations in a very precise way. Thanks to the fact that the system develops with us and responds to our problems, we have met our needs to a very large extent.

As the only system on the market known to us, the OOS system at access control verifies the customer's authorizations and enrolls them on the attendance list for appropriate classes. It is worth mentioning that different activities take place simultaneously in several zones. The amount of work at the reception desk has been significantly reduced, a well-configured OOS system, apart from payments, serves customers by itself.