Success story

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See how OOS has helped customers who manage sports facilities streamline their business operations and improve the member experience

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What problem did the client face and what solutions did they seek?

The client was opening a new playroom for children and was looking for a complete IT system that would work with the required equipment to be able to effectively manage the facility.

The client wanted both the entrance and the exit of the playroom customers to be controlled by gates and software. There were to be two sales stands at the reception desk (one at the entrance and the other at the exit of the room) and one sales stand in the café.

The final requirement was devices on which each customer could independently check the time of stay at the facility. The system also supports employee access cards for the entire facility, and access bands also support lockers for customers.

The process of selecting and implementing OOS

Identification of needs

After initial discussions, we knew that we had ready-made software that met all the client’s requirements. With large investments, the implementation period is stretched over time.

Equipment and gates

In the first stage, we delivered and installed the gates. Computers, touch screens, fiscal printers, RFID readers and silicone wristbands were delivered a few weeks before the official opening of the facility.

Installation and training

We helped with the installation and trained the crew in the use of the software.

What the satisfied customer says about OOS

Maxi FunOwner

The comprehensiveness of the IT system provided by Ortosoft was one of the decisive factors in favor of the supplier. The current service life of the system has shown that OOS meets all our requirements.

Quick sales service from touch screens, failure-free system, collection of advance payments and settlement of birthday packages, as well as telephone and e-mail support were crucial for us and so far the system has been working very well.

In addition, we have integrated playground staff, safe lockers and access cards for employees in one system. We strongly recommend the OOS system.